From the Campaign Trail

  • “Congestion relief” (tolls) from around the country

    The toll on I-66 inside the Beltway hit $46.50 on Tuesday That's the headline in the Washington Post, regarding a relatively new "congestion pricing" program in northern Virginia.  "The toll on Interstate 66 inside the Capital Read More
  • A Tale of Two Transportation Projects

    "Where's the Value?" (The Reflector (here) and the Camas Post Record (here) published slightly different versions. Last fall the Vancouver City Council was briefed on Oregon’s “value pricing” and the Policy Advisory Committee. The stated purpose of Read More
  • Educating citizens on Oregon’s TOLLING plans

    Where's the Value? Citizens need to understand what Oregon is proposing in their "Value Pricing" TOLLING plans. Sadly, there is no "value" for the over 70,000 SW Washington citizens who commute to Oregon for work on a Read More