CTran ignores the will of the voters on BRT

CTran not only ignores the voters, but state law too!

Sadly, and frustratingly, (but not surprisingly), the CTran Board of Directors chose to ignore voters REJECTION of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in last fall’s “advisory” vote. Furthermore, they are violating Washington law which requires voter approval BEFORE money is spent on any High Capacity Transist (HCT) system, of which BRT is one.

Listen to forensic accountant Tiffany Couch lay out fact after fact, regarding CTran, their finances, and BRT.

Then take a minute and watch Rep. Liz Pike lay out the numbers — regarding the fact that ALL of the 18th legislative district voted AGAINST CTran funding BRT, and ask for a vote BEFORE any money is spent on BRT.

Finally, here is the graphic Liz shows the audience and the CTran Board. Clearly, Clark County voters said NO to Bus Rapid Transit.