“You will make a fine Representative, John. You have great judgement and an exceptional work ethic. Washington State couldn’t do better than having you in their legislature.”
– Andrew Deane


Tom Hann - We the People

I have crossed paths with John Ley on many occasions at public hearings and found his testimony to be respectful to all present and in the best interest of Clark County families. The principles that guide John Ley’s positions on many local issues are both obvious and consistent. I trust John to represent me and my family in Olympia.

Thomas Hann

Jan Donatelli  “Way to go, John! The world needs more honest politicians!”
– Jan Donatelli


“Best of luck, John. Our country is in dire need of men like you.”
– Bob Lawrence


“You will be great for the state!”
– Robert Torn


“It is about time!! For Liberty John!”
– Mary Ellen Moore


“Wish you the very best John! Having known you since 1979 serving together as lieutenants in the Air Force, I’ve always cherished your friendship. I’m sure you will serve your constituents with the same commitment and zeal that you approached your years in the Air Force and your flying career. There’s no one I’d rather have in the cockpit of an aircraft I’m in and would trust you just as highly if you were my elected representative. Godspeed!!!”
– Chuck Merlo

“I may have to move just so I can vote for you John!”
– Tom Sharples


“John’s intelligent approach, personal integrity, and a sense of urgency to focus on fiscal responsibility and government accountability is paramount to the voters of District 18. John has the experience, work ethic, and commitment to his community to be a successful public leader. A breath of fresh air to the citizens who have the privilege to vote for this fine gentleman. A vote for John Ley is a vote well cast.”
– Paul Cline


“Best of luck in your campaign for state representative. Thank you for all the “news compendiums” and your years of service to Delta pilots.

You are a class act and I wish you the very best.”

Jay Brown