Lars on failing WES & MAX ridership

Lars Larson reads part of my email!

Failing WES ridership caused TriMet to delay light rail trains by TWO minutes. (See Oregonian news story here.)

Lars tees up the topic and then reads part of an email I sent him. Take a listen here. It’s 2 minutes, 10 seconds!


Later in the show. Lars took my phone call. We covered a bit of new territory. I was hoping to share more specifics about the proposed $2 Billion plus MAX light rail tunnel. But Lars took the conversation another way. But thanks for highlighting some of these very important issues, Lars!


From the Oregonian news story:

TriMet is opting to delay departures for the tens of thousands of metro residents who ride light rail on weekdays to accommodate its increasingly shrinking WES ridership, a decision that comes on the heels of a protracted debate about closing four light rail stations in downtown that was pitched to the public as a way to carve precious minutes off a lengthy commute between Goose Hollow and Old Town Chinatown. TriMet instead opted to close two stations permanently and a third on a trial basis. Those changes are expected to save three minutes on commutes through downtown.

From the Clark County Today editorial earlier this month, regarding the $2 Billion MAX tunnel that will ELIMINATE 12 downtown Portland stops. Read the great piece with graphics, here.