Meet John

760975_ley_t410John is the eldest of 6 children, and has been a resident in Clark County for over 20 years.

He served in the US Air Force for 11 ½ years as a Public Affairs Officer and then a KC-135 pilot. John is currently a Captain for Delta Air Lines and is the owner of a small business.

John is an advocate for responsible and responsive government. He has been active in opposing the flawed CRC, light rail tolling project and is currently leading the effort against Oregon’s outrageous “Value Pricing” tolling proposal.

 My CVTV introduction to the people

The Campaign gets off to a HAPPY start!


Candidate Introduction of John Ley by Slidely Slideshow

 My final 3 years in the Air Force — refueling the SR-71.

I spent over 3 years refueling the Mach 3, 80,000+ feet SR-71 all over the world. Enjoy this video!