Bi-State Bridge Committee: Please fix traffic congestion

Posted October 26, 2019 | by John Ley
Joint Oregon Washington committee restarts bridge discussions The Oct. 25th meeting of the Bi-State Bridge Committee had its second meeting (first one Dec. 2018). Here is my 2-minute testimony. The entire meeting can be viewed at the more

Mega projects go Mega over budget

Posted October 19, 2019 | by John Ley
 The “iron law” of megaprojects: over time, over budget, over and over again Following the financial nightmare of the Columbia River Crossing, citizens thought they had dodged a $3.5 Billion bullet. They thought they had dodged $8 more

Lars talks Camas $78 million pool bond

Posted October 18, 2019 | by John Ley
Lars & John discuss the $78 million pool and rec center bond Or you can here more below. Click on the green "play" button. Once it starts, click on the green bar near the end, to start more

Build a simple bridge, no tolls required

Posted October 15, 2019 | by John Ley
$3.5 billion for a ONE minute improvement in traffic congestion? Build a simple bridge for under $1 billion -- tolls not required! The Reflector published my letter - here. Portland has our nation’s 10th worst traffic congestion. Now more

TriMet’s Green Line Under-delivers at 10th Anniversary

Posted October 15, 2019 | by John Ley
Like Other MAX Projects, TriMet’s Green Line Underdelivers at 10th Anniversary My thanks to the Cascade Policy Institute for continuing to research and shine the light of day on TriMet, light rail, and mass transit. The more