“No light rail, no bridge” – Again!

Posted October 13, 2018 | by John Ley
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown officially resurrects the CRC, uttering it must include "public transit, particularly light rail" In a primetime debate (Oct 9th) with challenger Knute Buehler, Oregon Governor Kate Brown echoed the demands of disgraced more

Federal Government should pay lion’s share

Posted October 11, 2018 | by John Ley
Pass “No Tolls” Resolution My comments to the Clark County Council Oct. 8, 2018. You can watch the CVTV recording here.  I want to encourage you to PASS the resolution you are considering later this week, indicating more

Ten years since RTC’s “Visioning Study”

Posted October 3, 2018 | by John Ley
RTC -- Don't waste scarce transportation dollars on something that won't fix the traffic congestion problem My comments to the Oct. 2, 2018 Regional Transportation Council Board. Click here to watch via CVTV. Ten years since RTC’s 2008 more

Vancouver Mayor’s apology an outrage

Posted September 25, 2018 | by John Ley
Letter: Mayor’s apology is offensive By John Ley, Camas Published The Columbian: September 22, 2018 (Here) Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle thinks it appropriate to apologize to Oregon because Washington killed the Columbia River Crossing. That’s an outrage. Do you apologize to someone more

Resurrecting the CRC continues

Posted September 3, 2018 | by John Ley
New bridges, vehicle capacity and transportation corridors needed Clark County Today published this letter. The Vancouver City Council recently passed a resolution supporting a replacement of the Interstate Bridge. The Clark County Council is considering a similar more