TOLLING: “Not so fast!”

Trying to stop TOLLS in Oregon before they start

KOIN news reports on citizens effort to stop TOLLS on I-5, I-205, and other Oregon roads, unless VOTERS give their approval first. Julie Parish is interviewed.

ODOT’s Don Hamilton tries to “spin” the possible negative impacts, “if” the TOLLING initiative (IP-10) is passed. It’s pure BS.

There are already 80,000 vehicles already diverting on to side roads today. The TOLLING Policy Advisory Committee was told an additional 50,000 vehicles would divert to avoid the TOLLS, if tolling were implemented on all of I-5 and I-205 in the Portland Metro area. That’s 130,000 vehicles diverting INTO neighborhoods and the side roads that are already overcrowded. But ODOT won’t discuss that aspect of the TOLLING.

Want to STOP the TOLLING until the people have a vote? Click HERE to go the the Vote on Tolls website.